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About Trekkers Club || JGEC

Explore the unexplored! Experience in map reading and navigation heads out every year to mountains and jungles on wilderness treks, discovering beautiful locations while creating our own path.

Man and mountain have pristine spiritual bond. Himalayas have been work field of Vedic sages. Since mountains are beautiful to look at but difficult to dwell at, thus we have a vision of promoting adventure, sports and creating a general awareness about conservation of nature, among the students of this institute. Trekkers’ Club, JGEC, established in 1983, offers you to take into countryside settings denouncing hypocrisy and shame of moderns and bearing innocence, rusticity and humility of primitives.

In this long journey, the Trekkers’ Club have undertaken many such activities like organising adventure camps, treks, photo exhibitions etc. Pass few days with us without a mobile, internet, cars and know the elemental simplicities of life. We encourage the scientific minds in adventures and aware them about ecological sustainability. While enchanted by the austere beauty of the Mountains cape you will surely fall in love with nature, once in love neither you nor else dare to spoil the nature in your presence. Our trained guides will encourage you to take calculated risk on mountain slopes.

People choose to trek for a lot of reasons and, sometimes, for no reason whatsoever, which in itself makes it more rewarding. Since in future students may not get any more time for leisure or for any proposes it is one of the terrific opportunities to experience something new. But in the end, much like any other form of travel, each trekker – novice or veteran – comes out of the experience a more evolved person.

Trekking is all about moving out of your comfort zone, and while doing so, you sometimes brave the harshest and most unexpected of conditions, and yet, you persevere with a smile, then that’s a life lesson even decades of living a routine life can’t teach you, let alone a handful of days. Trekking, if one may say so, is an express life-teacher. Do it once and you will come out a better person … Guaranteed.

Who We Are?

We're engineering young trek enthusiasts who share a common passion for travelling and scaling extreme landscapes. We undertake regular expeditions across India and our community currently hosts 20+ active members.

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