Dr. Arghadeep Biswas,

Civil Engineering

Dr. Arghadeep Biswas

Designation: Assistant Professor

Email Id.: arghadeep.biswas@gmail.com

Subjects Taught

[1] Soil Mechanics (I)
[2] Transportation Engineering (I & II)
[3] Surveying Practice (II)
[4] Transporation Engineering Laboratory (II)

Current Administrative Post

[1] Hostel Superintendent (H-3);
[2] Member, Anti-ragging commetee;
[3] Member, Departmental Purchase commettee;
[4] Member, Campus Monitoring Commette

Research Interest

Ground Improvement Techniques / Geosynthetic-reinforced soil structures / Soil Reinforcements

Educational Qualification

DoctoratePh.D. in Geotechnical Engineering (Civil Engineering) from IIT Guwahati
Post GraduationM. Tech. in Geotechnical Engineering (Civil Engineering) from IIT Kharagpur
GraduationB.E. in Civil Engineering from Jadavpur University


Member, Institute of Engineers (India); Aff. Member, ASCE

Awards and Honours

1. Institute Scholarship during M.Tech. from IIT Kharagpur
2. Institute Scholarship during Ph.D.. from IIT Guwahati

Career Development Program/Seminar Attended

i.STC: Geotechnical Investigation and Testing – Module II (NITTTR Kolkata: 1 week)
ii.STC: Geotechnical Aspect of Deep Foundations (NITTTR Kolkata: 1 week)
iii.STC: Concrete – Mix Design, Production and Quality Control (NITTTR Kolkata: 1 week)
iv.STC: Faculty Orientation Programme on Institutional Improvement (NITTTR Kolkata: 2 weeks)
v.STC: Challenges and Recent Advances in Geotechnical Engineering (IIT Guwahati: 1 week)
vi.STC: Seismic Requalification of Pile Supported Structures (IIT Guwahati: 1 week)
vii. TEQIP-STC: Rock Engineering for Infrastructural Development (IIT Guwahati 1 week)
viii.Workshop: Geotechnology for Urban Development (Indo-Korean Workshop; IGS & KGS in assoc. IIT Delhi)
ix.Workshop: Seismic Requalification of Geotechnical Structures (UK-Indian Education and Research Initiative, in assoc. IIT Delhi)
x.Workshop: Emerging Trends in Geotechnical Engineering (IIT Guwahati & IGS, NE Chapter)
xi.Workshop: Ground Improvement Techniques with Reference to North Eastern Region (IIT Guwahati, AEC Guwahati & IGS, NE Chapter)
xii.Conference: 4th Indian Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference (IIT Chennai)
xiii.Conference: Indian Geotechnical Conference-2012 (IIT Delhi)

International Journal Publications

1.Biswas, A., Krishna, A.M. and Dash, S.K.(2013). Influence of subgrade strength on the performance of geocell-reinforced foundation systems. Geosynthetics International, ICE, 20(6), 376-388, ISSN No. 1072-6349. (IF: 2.066)
2.Biswas, A., Ansari, M.A., Dash, S.K. and A., Krishna, A.M.. (2015). Behavior of geogrid reinforced foundation systems supported on clay subgrades of different strengths. International Journal of Geosynthetics and Ground Engineering, Springer, 3, 1-10 (DOI: 10.1007/s4089101500235), ISSN(E) No. 2199-9279.
3.Biswas, A., Krishna, A.M. and Dash, S.K. (2016). Behavior of geosynthetic reinforced soil foundation systems supported on stiff clay subgrade. International Journal of Geomechanics, ASCE, DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)GM.19435622.0000559, ISSN No. 1532-3641. (IF: 1.2 (2014/15)

International Conference Attended

1.Biswas, A., Krishna, A.M. and Dash, S.K. (2013). Applicability of Planar Geogrid Reinforcement in Geocell-Reinforced Foundation Systems, CD Proceedings of IGC-2013, IIT Roorkee.
2.Biswas, A., Krishna, A.M. and Dash, S.K. (2013). Behavior of Circular Footing on Layered Soil: Sand Overlying Clay Subgrades. Proceedings of 4th Indian Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference, IIT Chennai, 157-160.
3.Biswas, A., Dash, S.K. and Krishna, A.M. (2012). Parameters Influencing the Performance of Geocell-Reinforced Foundation System: A Brief Review. Proceedings of IGC-2012, IIT Delhi, 1, 365-368.
4.Biswas, A. (2012). Geotechnical Aspect of Waste Utilization: A Qualitative Analysis. Proceedings of IGC-2012, IIT Delhi, 2, 787-790.
5.Ghosh, P. and Biswas, A. (2012). Effect of Reinforcement on Stability of Slopes using GEOSLOPE. IJCA Proceedings on International Conference on BEST, 3, 29-32, ISSN No.
6.Biswas, S., Biswas, A. and Dighade, A. (2012). Utilization of Rice Husk with Lime in Subgrade Soil for a Rural Road. IJCA Proceedings on International Conference on EFITRA, 4,1-3, ISSN No. 0975-8887.
7.Krishna, A.M. and Biswas, A. (2015). Geocell Reinforced Foundations. Training Course on ‘Introduction to Geosynthetics and Their Applications’, December 14, 2015, NIT Surat (Invited Lecture)

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