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Abir Chakraborty

Kedarkantha Trek
Who could ever have imagined, we will return by making a new addiction from the Bramhatal Trek. Yes,
we were happy but not satisfied surely, so we set out for another trek with just a gap of two months
only. This time our group was bigger and better, a total of 43 students including 13 girls decided to
perform Kedar-Kantha trek in the early March.
We reached Dehradun on 5th March by train via Howrah and Delhi and spend that night in a hotel. The
next day we reached Shankri base camp by bus. We packed ourselves with dry foods and trek
equipments and started our trekking on the next day. It was March, so the weather was clear, somehow
cloudy, we were expecting to see the snow from the next day. But we didn’t have to wait for it that much
longer, after almost two hours, it was started raining, then came the snow. We got excited, also a little
bit confused as it was a new experience for all of us. But it was clear that we had no option but to move
on and reach the destination as early as possible. The snow-storm got heavier it was extreme difficult to
climb in that condition, the hands started to get frozen too. So we decided to climb fast without any rest
before it gets too difficult to move, and relies on our fitness to take the struggle for the later stage. After
almost six hours of journey we finally managed to reach the tent.
The snow continued through the whole night, and we got no opportunity to sleep peacefully, whole night
we were busy to remove snow from the tent. The same story continued the next day, and we heard the
worst news that the way of summit is closed due to extreme weather. We were running out of food and
supplies, so one part of team had decided to climb up the next point. After returning, we had our dinner
quickly and as the snow got a little lighter we started dancing and singing in front of our tents.
What happened in the next day was really unexpected to all of us. At around 6am we found bright
sunshine is entering our tent. We rushed out in joy and saw the best sunshine we have ever seen in our
life. The sky was bright blue and with all the snow around. The gloss was no less than a blue sapphire
Gem-Stone. We didn’t waste much time and reached our next destination Juda-Ka-Talab. As the summit
was closed still, we had to finish our trek at that point, but the view, the experience we got already we
were not much disappointed either. We came back in the base camp of Shankri again and returned to
Dehradun by bus on the next day.
We spent our whole lives by seeking some beautiful moments, and this was one of those moments. We
were so fast on our dreams that those days went with in a blink of an eye. The mountains, the snow, the
mesmerizing view of sky and the friends all blend together to create a big pack of memories which will
definitely make us smile later. Apart from the comfortable life and luxuries tour there is something
special on feeling nature by struggling with environment. A bit upset as the summit was not completed
but if we look back the things we got, specially the two type of weather, we will take it.

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