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Anirban Layek

*The KEDARKANTHA TREK* is one of the best experiences that I have ever had. Since childhood mountains attract me like a magnet. So when I heard about the trek I was all in at once. There was no chance to back off. The journey from DEHRADUN to SANKRI was hectic, but enjoyable. The next day trek started after an amazing breakfast. The KEDARKANTHA region is full of mountains cliffs apple gardens and trees. The scenic beauty was mind blowing and also very tiring. And having a great group of amazing seniors and batchmates and also a great guide like GANGA vaiya made my journey more exciting. The difficulty increased with increase in height. The temperature was constantly decreasing and also rainfall started. As time passed , the heavy rainfall converted into snowfall. The journey became more difficult. Though we reached our base camp anyhow , the scenic beauty was undescribeable. Oak trees were everywhere around us and the tents were underneath. We had a cup of tea. It was the best tea I have ever had. The snowfall didn’t stopped. We had our dinner and went for sleep. The night was dark and full of terrors. Suddenly in the midnight we heard something and we woke up. We were asked to punch the tent from inside so that the snow doesn’t freeze over it. The night ended but snowfall didn’t stop. The next day same thing continued though we managed to go to the *_JUDA KA TALAB_*. Finally we ended up the day with 3 hours of dance and the best dinner “ *_RAJMA CHAWAL_*”. The next day finally the sun shined. We woke early and went for the SUNRISE. It was the bestest ever sunrise of my life. Then we enjoyed for a couple of hours and then had our last breakfast there. And our return journey started with HOLI. In next 4 hours we walked and enjoyed as much as we could. None of us had an intention to come down. Always there will be a regret that I couldn’t reach the summit but the journey left an milestone down to my memory lane. My heart continued beeping and brain reiterated *_”I WILL COME BACK TO THE MOUNTAINS AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN”._*

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