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Namrata Das

Who wouldn’t love a fascinating vacation in the lap of snow!
The euphoria and satiation doubles up when we achieve a goal through hard work. That’s where the concept of trekking comes from. You walk long arduous distances just to see a scenic beauty from the top of a peak that fill your heart with glee. Yes! Won’t forget to mention that the journey undertaken is as beautiful and enjoyable as the summit view.
We a team of 21 adventure freaks from Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College headed towards one of the most desirable trek place ‘Brahmatal’ on 22nd December, 2019. Excitement was at its peak as first-timers. We boarded train from Jalpaiguri Road Station and reached Kathgodam on 24th December. We proceeded towards Lohajung the same day since we had a 220 km journey ahead of us. The 12 hr bus journey was quite tiring. We reached Lohajung at midnight. The temperature was freezing out there! There we were given a brief introduction by our guide, had a small birthday celebration of two of our members and then we all crushed into our bed since the very next day was the most awaited day for us.

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